Saturday, 2 June 2012

10 Ways For Vaseline

          Vaseline is definitely one of my favorite products which is available almost anywhere. It may just look like clear, sticky petroleum jelly, but it hydrating skin is not all that it does. So that is why I (Ananya) rounded up my top 10 ways to use this absolutely fantastic product.

1) Use it as a base on your lashes before applying waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara can be very, very harmful for your lashes and can be very drying as well. That is why, applying a thin layer of Vaseline can keep your lashes hydrated, but it still allows the waterproof mascara to last as long as it usually does.

2) Use it as a substitute for mascara: Sometimes, wearing mascara can be a little bit of a pain, and removing it is even more irritating. So, wearing a bit of vaseline on your lashes will provide some length and you don't even have to remove it from your lashes with an oil based makeup remover. But please, do not expect it to lengthen your lashes as well as your regular mascara would. I would recommend this only for the days when you would like a tiny bit of length and not to much on your lashes.

3) Use it during the night to condition your lashes: If your lashes are too dry from applying mascara or you don't have time to apply a thin layer of Vaseline before applying mascara, applying Vaseline on your lashes during the nights will be of great help. I have also found that the next morning, a tiny bit more length is seen on my lashes.

4) Use it to deeply hydrate and condition any dry patches on your skin: This is what Vaseline is meant to do, hydrate your skin. This really locks in a lot of moisture in dry areas of your skin. I would personally recommend applying this onto your skin at night, because during the day time, when you are at school, college or work, dirt seems to stick to it very easily, which I'm pretty sure you would not like at all.

5) Use it to add shine to dry and dull hair: Vaseline provides a nice amount of shine for your hair on those days when your hair is dull and dry. It puts enough shine onto the hair without feeling or looking greasy (make sure you only apply a bit of product and not a lot on your hair). And relax, this is perfectly safe on the hair, and even if your worried, I'm pretty sure you will wash your hair later to get the Vaseline off.

6) Use it to make your own lipgloss or use it as a lip balm: Definitely, one of my favorite ways to use Vaseline. If you mix a little bit of any loose eyeshadow or pigment or even loose powder blush with Vaseline, it makes a really good lipgloss. You can add more shine with more Vaseline or more pigmentation with more loose eyeshadow or blush or pigment.

7) Use it on your eyelids as a sticky base for pigments or glitters: Vaseline can be a great base for pigments or glitters because of its sticky texture. It also prevents fall-out and keeps the product on your eyelids for the entire day.

8) Use it on the cheekbones to highlight: So here is a fun fact: Marilyn Monroe actually used Vaseline on her entire face before applying makeup because she thought that hydration and glow-yness on your skin was youthful. So that is why I thought that this would be a more Marilyn Monroe inspired tip. You might not want to use it on your entire face, but using it on your cheekbones really helps to highlight and looks much more natural than shimmery highlighters do.

9) Use it to hydrate cuticles: If you are a heavy nail polish wearer, you probably have dry cuticles. Applying a little Vaseline on your cuticles will keep them hydrated and Vaseline is way easier to use than cuticle oil.

10) Use it as a brow gel: Vaseline can work as a great brow setting gel. It keeps them looking the same way all day, without any stray hairs popping out form no where.

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