Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Revlon 16 Hour Colourstay Quad in 500 Addictive

          Today's featured product is the Revlon 16 Hour Colourstay Quads.  The Quad includes a creamy off-white shadow with the tiniest amount of shimmer (top left), a light brown-grey with, again the tiniest amount of shimmer (top right), a gorgeous mid-tone taupe with a satin to shimmery finish (bottom left) and a dark matte brown (bottom right). The packaging is nice and sturdy and perfect for travel. It also comes with a small sponge tip, which believe it or not, can be very, very helpful (so don’t throw those away).

          The shadows are very soft and creamy and are also decently pigmented. I do feel like they look better on the actual eyes than on the swatches. It is a gorgeous neutral palette, which I think will look good on anyone. They also come in several other shades, but I find that the entire line of these quads are fairly neutral. Only a few palettes in the 16 Hour Colourstay Quads line actually have some colour to them. One thing that I absolutely love about this quad is that the shadows have pretty much no fall out. I also love that the quad includes a simple matte brown for the crease as well. I personally feel that a matte brown on the crease is very important to finish off your everyday eye makeup. And as far as the “16 Hour” thing goes, I haven’t really worn it on my eyes for that long, although it does stay strong on my lids for the entire time that I need it to. But that really depends on how oily or dry your lids are. My eyelids can be dry on some days and be oily on others. However, I do feel like it would last on anybody for the entire day with a little to no touch up. 
          PRICE: $5.99
          AVAILABLE AT: At any Makeup or Department Store (I got mine from duty free ;) )
          GRADE: A

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