Friday, 8 June 2012

Review: The Body Shop Body Butter Duo

           The Body Shop's Regular Body Butters are already fantastic, but after this product came out  their body butters are absolutely unbeatable. I have had this product and tested it for about 3 months now. Just incase if you guys want to know, I prefer wearing this product at night. This is definitely the coolest body moisturizer I have ever seen because the product is split into two halves. One half is the regular (and amazing!) body butter that you can buy by itself individually and the other half is a thicker and has a more balm-y texture to it, kinda like a lip balm but for your entire body. The thinner body butter texture, which BTW is thick anyway, is supposed to be used for the entire body and I personally find it very moisturizing for the skin. The thicker body butter is supposed to be used for the parts of your body that get dried up the most, like your elbows, knee caps, etc. This product works EXTREMELY well for clearing out the chapped, stone dry parts of your body and the moisture in your skin lasts very, very long.

          This product works absolutely fabulously and has a lovely scent to it (I have the scent Floral Acai, but there are more scents to choose from), I think this product is suitable for dry to normal-dry to normal skin types. If you have oily skin, I would probably not suggest this since it is very, very, very moisturizing. It would probably make your skin a little too greasy.
          PRICE: Rs. 845, $15
          AVAILABLE AT: Any near The Body Shop stores
          OVERALL GRADE: A

More Pictures:

Creamy Part

Balmy Part

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