Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review: Chanel Brilliant Extreme Glossimer in 169 Jalousie

          First makeup blog, yay! Today, I will be reviewing Chanel's Lipgloss in Jalousie which was released in the Roses Ultimes de Chanel collection. Two of my favorite youtubers Amarixe, aka Allison and Fleur de Force, aka Fleur rave about this lipgloss. It is definitely one of the most gorgeous lipglosses I have seen in a while. It is a bright fuchsia pink with a lighter pink pearl to it. It looks absolutely beautiful in the tube and looks as good on the lips. The colour is also very, very pigmented and even before I could swatch it, I was automatically impressed.

          I have never owned a Chanel lipgloss before, but after trying this lipgloss I have a positive feeling that all the other Chanel lipglosses might be just as good. The doe foot applicator helps the lipgloss glide smoothly onto the lips. The lipgloss isn't sticky AT ALL. I have tried using this as a cream blush as well and I don't find my cheeks feeling gross and sticky at all, which is great. Although, as Fleur mentioned in one of her videos, she does find that the lack of stickiness in the lipgloss can make the lipgloss travel all over your chin and maybe even your cheeks. And because it is such a bright colour, it is very noticeable. Although personally I haven't experienced any feathering or bleeding of this lipgloss out of my lip line yet. It doesn't stain my teeth or travel around my chin and cheeks. But it may cause some trouble, so you might want think about this a little before actually buying it. This colour is very pigmented on the lips, although it isn't as pigmented as the swatch shown above. Once the doe foot applicator spreads it out evenly across your lips, it can look a little sheer as compared to the swatch. The does foot applicator applies the colour evenly with only a teeny bit of streakiness and the colour is also very buildable.
          PRICE: $29.50 (not positive of INR because I didn't purchase this product from India).
          AVAILABLE AT: All Chanel counters and stores.
          GRADE: A

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