Monday, 11 June 2012

Review: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters

           Today's reviewed product is going to be the Revlon Lip Butters. I have been waiting for these to be in my hands for such a long time, and finally, they're here. They STILL haven't released in India, although when I was in Singapore I managed to get my hands on five of them. Anyway, moving on to the review. The Revlon lip butters come in 20 different shades including a shade called Macaroon which I believe is exclusive to UK and Asia (not a 100% sure). These lipsticks have a huge range of shades, which I love. You certainly will be able to find a shade that suits you best in this line.

          As far as the actual lipstick goes, the formula is smooth, creamy, SUPER hydrating and glides onto the lips. Don't let the name "Lip Butters" let you down, because these lipsticks are definitely pigmented. They aren't super pigmented though, its more of a semi opaque, semi sheer formula,which is great for me because not only does it give a good amount of colour, but your actual lip colour always shines through. I feel like some lipsticks in this line are VERY pigmented (like Red Velvet) and some lipsticks in this line is VERY sheer (like Creamsicle).The shades when swatched have a beautiful shine to them. The lipstick formula is creamy, but sometimes it can be a little too creamy as well. If it is exposed to the sun even a little, it does have chances of melting completely. So make sure you store it in a cooler, dryer area.The packaging is also very simple and practical and is pretty sturdy as well. I love how the top of the lipstick tube is clear, so you can see the actual shade of the lipstick through it. I also love the fact that the colour of the packaging is a similar colour to the actual lipstick.
          So lets go through each of the colours that I have:

Lollipop: A bright fuchsia with the teeniest bit of shimmer (shimmer does not show up on your lips or on swatches).

  Sugar Plum: A sheer, mid-tone berry with no shimmer.

Peach Parfait: A beautiful, sheer, peachy-pink with gold shimmer.

Strawberry Shortcake: A bright bubble-gum pink with no shimmer.

Tutti Frutti: A gorgeous, bright coral-tangerine with no shimmer.
          PRICE: $6 to $10.
          AVAILABLE AT: Makeup or department stores.
          GRADE: A

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